The peculiarity of this event is to bring together for the first time since 1945 an unprecedented number of liaison aircraft, real veterans, and representatives of different types of aircraft used during WWII, all countries included. With a strong message of reconciliation, they fly together, with pilots representing 15 different nationalities.

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Those present at St. André de l'Eure:

Type Registration Country Base Photo
Piper L - 4 OY - ECS Denmark Vamdrup

Piper L - 4 EC - GQE Spain Ocaña

EC GQE © Andreas zeitler
Piper L - 4 G BPUR United Kingdom Popham

G BPUR © Yannick Augerie
Piper L - 4 F BCPK France Amiens

F-BCPK © Yannick Augerie
Piper L - 4 F HAVE France Lille Marcq

Piper L - 4 F BEGD France Chavenay

Piper L - 4 F AYZA France Saint André de l'Eure

F-AYZA © Xavier Meal
Piper L - 4 F BFMQ France Avignon

F-BFMQ © Gordon Boggs
Piper L - 4 G-BDOL UK Bidford
Piper L - 4 F AYAY France Saint André de l'Eure
Piper L - 4 G BENNETT United Kingdom RAF Halton

G-BILI © Agnes
Piper L - 4 G-FINT United Kingdom Eggesford Airfield
Piper L - 4 G-BHPK United Kingdom Priory Farm Tibenham

Piper L-14 EC-AAP Spain Cuatro vientos

EC-AAP © PEL Photography
Piper L - 4 EC-AJY Spain Cuatro vientos
Piper L - 4 HB-OGZ Switzerland Sitterdorf
Piper L - 4 G-AXHR United Kingdom Great Oakley
Piper L - 4 G-BOXJ United Kingdom Rochester Airport

Piper L - 4 G-AISX United Kingdom Wycombe Air Park
Piper L - 4 N-29EG Netherlands Hoogeveen
Auster MkV F-PAFL France Berdoues
Piper L - 4 D-EJIZ France Meaux

D-EJIZ © Xavier Méal
Piper L - 4 G-CGIY United Kingdom Leeds

Auster MkV OY-EFI Denmark Ringsted
Stinson L-5 HB-TRY Switzerland Grenchen

HB-TRY © Andreas Zeitler
Stinson L-5 F-AYLV France Saint André de l'Eure

© Jonathan Apfelbaum
Piper L - 4 G-AXGP United Kingdom Goose Green
Piper L - 4 LN-RAP Norway Kjeller Aerodrome
Piper L - 4 G-BROR United Kingdom Sturgate
Bücker Bestmann G-TPWX United Kingdom Leicester Aero Club
Piper L - 4 F-BFYI Belgium Valenciennes
Fairchild 24 F-PBCM France Berdoues
Bücker Jungmann F-AZZF France Meaux
Stinson L-5 I-MEMA Italy Voghera
Piper L - 4 PH-UCS Netherlands Midden-Zeeland Airport
Piper L - 4 G-BBLH United Kingdom Biggin Hill

© Agnes
Piper L - 4 HB-OUN Switzerland Buttwil
Piper L - 4 F-PCMM France St Dizier

© Gordon Boggs
Piper L - 4 I-GRAS Italy Boglietto
Tiger Moth F-AZEI France Bernay

Nationality of the pilots:

Switzerland Spain Italy Austria
Germany Denmark Netherlands Sweden flag Sweden
Belgium France Norway Sweden flag South Africa
U.S.A. United Kingdom Portugal


Map of the participants
Map of the participants
Participants Patchwork