Our Godfather, Kenneth Wakefield

Our Godfather, Kenneth Wakefield

We have the great honor to have Kenneth Wakefield's patronage of The L-Birds back to Normandy event

Ken Wakefield
Ken Wakefield

Kenneth Wakefield is both a living memory, a reference historian and an expert involved in the work of remembrance and support to young people who discover the world of the Piper L-4, and other L-Birds.

Kenneth Wakefield was 16 years old in 1944, when an American camp of L-Birds of the First US Army moved close to his home, in Bristol.
He discovered the Piper Cubs and other L-Birds.
This shaped the rest of his life: he became a pilot in the RAF, then at British Airways, reaching a very high level of command. But he has also become the world expert on the subject of WWII liaison aircraft. Any restorer, before starting his project, begins today by reading the 'books of Ken'.
Always happy to help and with extreme kindness, Ken Wakefield has advised hundreds of pilots, restaurant owners, but also families of veterans, to connect the present with the past, remember its lessons, and above all, to contribute to the duty of memory without breach or compromise.

The best-known books of Ken Wakefield:

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