L-Birds back to Normandy, an exceptional gathering of Second World War liaison aircraft

© Xavier Méal

As part of the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings and the Battle of Normandy, which will be celebrated in June 2024, preparations have begun for an exceptional commemoration.
In fact, this anniversary is probably the last in which 1939-45 veterans will be able to take part.
From 6 to 9 June 2024, the Normandy-based association L-Birds back to Normandy is organising an unprecedented gathering of liaison aircraft, known as L-Birds (L for Liaison).
The event will bring together Piper L-4s and Stinson L-5 Sentinels, as well as some very rare L-Birds, some of them the only flying examples in the world today!
More than thirty liaison aircraft, all authentic and in their historic 1939-45 colours, will be flying to Normandy from the four corners of Europe.

L-Birds en 1944, en Normandie - Rassemblement Piper L-4 et Stinson L-5
L-Birds aujourd'hui, en Normandie - Rassemblement Piper L-4 et Stinson L-5

The special feature of this event is that it brings together a large number of veteran liaison aircraft, representing the different types of aircraft used during the Second World War, from all countries. The authentic quality, both historically and visually, of the aircraft on display is a mark of the duty of remembrance demonstrated by their restorers and pilots.

Several rendez-vous (provisional schedule to be completed shortly):


A collection of authentic Piper L-4s, as well as even rarer gems…

In addition to the Piper L-4, of which there are still the most examples, and of which the most authentic in Europe will be present, there will be :

[list being finalised]

The diversity of the nationalities of the participants, both in terms of the pilots taking part in the operation and the representativeness of the aircraft, is exceptional.

Carrying a strong message of reconciliation, they will be flying together, with pilots of several nationalities at their controls.